Cheap airline tickets

How to find cheap airline tickets?

Most important for finding cheap airfare is understanding how pricing by airline companies. Contrary to the most common understanding, air fares from one point to a destination far from uniform throughout the year. The main factor in pricing is supply and demand. The more people want to travel on a given date, the higher became the price of the plane ticket. Mention the date, ie not every month, not every week, but every day of the year prices may vary!

Basically, to get the cheapest tickets, it is important to book at least two weeks before the flight, to travel two way, possibly with an airline, and not to travel in peak seasons and dates when traveling all the others. For details, see our tips for cheap airline tickets.

How to book airline tickets online?

Start by entering the city, which will fly to the city that will fly and dates of the outward and return (if any). The system will show you all of the offers traditional and low-cost airlines. After selecting the flight, enter your details and your companions. To complete the reservation select a payment method – a credit card or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, do it as quickly as possible, because the price may change until receipt of payment (tickets not booked on the airline until they get the money).