When To Book

Time of booking tickets to the date of departure is one of the most important things if you want to travel as cheaply as possible. Generally you can find the lowest fares at least 14 days before the flight (30 for international flights and 60 days for low cost). In particular, low-cost cheapest tickets are the first 15-20 for fields that are really ridiculous prices.

In some cases, the best deals are 1-2 days before departure, so called. last minute offers (last-minute) because companies want to fill the other empty seats. This, of course, risks may not be able to board the plane …

Important rule remains an overview of the normal price of tickets for the chosen course and check regularly on sites with prices as ours. The moment you see a better offer – book! Do not waste a minute, as prices often vary and the best deals for airline tickets end quickly.